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Rock climbing by King Climber
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Tour Overview: Rock climbing for everybody from 5 to 100 years Old!!
Destination: Krabi
Package Type: Destination
End City: Krabi
Tour Type: Join In
Duration: Half day / One day / 3 days

Three Day Climbing Courses Cost: 4,900 Baht

This course is designed to teach the techniques and theory that will enable you to climb safely and professionally. This course lasts four days (includes one rest day) and includes:
Self rescue and rope technique
Lead climbing
Multi-pitch climbing
A free copy of our 3 day course booklet
Certificate of achievement and free T-shirt
Includes: Free Hotel Pick up, Boat transfer, Lunch & Water)
Two Day Courses Cost: 3,900  Baht
This course starts every day at nine in the morning, and includes;
(9 am – 1 pm break for lunch 2 pm – 6 pm)  
Top rope climbing
Exploration through Khoa Luk Choee Cave
Lead climbing
One Day Courses Cost: 1,650  Baht
This course starts every day at nine in the morning, and includes;
(9 am – 1 pm break for lunch 2 pm – 6 pm)  
Top rope climbing
Exploration through Khoa Luk Choee Cave
Includes: Free Hotel Pick up, Boat transfer, Lunch & Water)
Half Day Courses Cost: 950  Baht
A fun safe and exciting four hours, starting twice daily at nine in the morning and two in the afternoon
Top Rope climbing
Basic safety instruction
Includes: Free Hotel Pick up, Boat transfer, Fruit & Water


The courses include our guide and all equipment and insurance. The only thing you need to bring is your camera! We keep our guide to student at one guide with no more than four students ensuring high teaching standards.
For those who are not familiar with climbing here is a brief explanation of some of the terms used to describe the courses:
Top rope climbing
This is the way you will start out climbing. Your instructor will first climb to the top of the route and loop the rope through a fixed anchor. Once back on the ground you will be attached to one end of the rope which runs through the anchor at the top of the climb and back down to the instructor. A belay device is a fail-safe device which lets the instructor keep your rope tight. While you climb the instructor tightens the rope, keeping it firm so that if you slip you are safe, or if you get tired you can let go and be suspended in your harness in complete safety.
This is a great way to learn which leaves you plenty of time and energy to concentrate on climbing or to simply enjoy the view.
Lead climbing
We only teach lead climbing on our three day courses. Lead climbing means that the student has to climb up with the rope clipping it into carabiners as they go. This allows the student to feel the thrill of all aspects of the sport as well as giving the confidence to be able to go out and climb with friends after the course.
In Thailand all leading is done on stainless steel bolts that have been drilled into the rock. The lead climber on ascending the route clips onto the bolts and clips the rope through quick draws. This is the safest and easiest way to lead a climb. Due to the nature of limestone rock all routes are bolted and therefore we are unable to offer any courses on natural protection climbing.
Rappelling, also known as abseiling, is a means by which climbers lower themselves off the rock. Climbers put the rope through a belay device attached to their harness. They then slide down the rope using the belay device to control the speed of their descent. This not only makes for good pictures but is great fun!
We have never had an accident on one of our courses, and we'd like to keep it that way. However this doesn't mean we aren't prepared. All of our instructors are trained in first aid and emergency andwe provide insurance for the duration of our courses.
Hope to see you on the rock...


Terms & Conditions:
  • Three Day Climbing Courses: 4,900 Baht
  • One Day Courses: 1,750 Baht
  • Two  Day Courses: 3,900 Baht
  • Half Day course : 1,000 Baht-No Lunch
·              All the necessary Rock Climbing Equipment
·          Guide/Instructor
·          Safety Instruction
·          Full Insurance for the duration of the course
·          Pick up & return to hotel (Krabi – Ao Nang Area Only)
·          Boat transfer to & from Rai Lay Beach
·          Food & water 

 Extra transfer from Klong Moung, Tub Khak Beach 250 THB/Pax ( Join In Transfer)

 Extra transfer from Klong Moung,Tub Khak Beach 1,500 THB ( Private Transfer) by Minibus

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