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ALCAZAR Cabaret Show


ALCAZAR Cabaret Show
ALCAZAR Cabaret Show
ALCAZAR Cabaret Show
ALCAZAR Cabaret Show
Tour Overview: ALCAZAR Cabaret Show As they say, boys will be boys, but sometimes here in Thailand, boys will be girls! Seeing is truly believing at the Alcazar Cabaret Show, where all of the performers up on stage are guys.
Destination: Pattaya
Package Type: Destination
End City: Pattaya
Tour Type: Join in
Duration Evening
Tour Grade: EASY--


 The Alcazar Company was founded on November 8, 1981. Under the concept of The Phettrakul Family whose own the successful construction company name “Samprasit Partnership Limited” which is located on Pattaya 2nd Road. Originally, it was a small theatre of 350 seats with 40 employees on almost 20 years ago. The floor, stage & technical equipment were rudimentary and in fact the business was not so successful in that early day, however, the family never gave up and continued to improve and upgrade its facilities until Alcazar Cabaret Show became "World Famous"!

  The Alcazar Show has been delighting audiences from around the world of almost
 20 years. Thrilling 1,000,000 with laughter & impressions. Entertained with music, lipsings, dances and various shows played by many perfectly beautiful female actresses (these female actresses were actually male from origin)
 The magic of Alcazars state of the art computerized lighting system and be dazzled by
the effects of its Circle surrounding sound DTS system, but that's only the beginning.Prepared to be entertained in grand style by its 400 staff wonderfully talented artists and entertainers.
 Today's Alcazar features a Grand Beautiful Theatre with a capacity of 1,200 seats & 440
employees. With state of art light & sound system featuring the ultra high tech "Circle surround sound DTS system" & the most modern computer technology. Today, the Alcazar Cabaret is "World Class"!.
Alcazar Cabaret of Pattaya is now well known throughout most of the
"INTERNATIONAL" in equivalence to both Lido & Moulin Rouge of Paris. ButAlcazar is different that Lady-man stages it. Alcazar can successfully blend the art of acting, stage design, costumes & the sequence of the shows so well to be impressed by every one of all ages. So Alcazar is a must to visit for both Local & Foreign Visitors.
Alcazar expended more business activities in also same area then call under the name of the "ALCAZAR UNITY"
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Please select show time:  Show Daily time : 17.00 PM, 18.30 PM, 20.00 PM, 21.30 PM.





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ALCAZAR Cabaret Show
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